Gamma BIM Process Implementation

Gamma BIM Process Implementation:

The advantages provided by implementing BIM processes on construction projects are quickly being realized and adopted by the construction industry.  Gamma has key personnel trained in managing and implementing these BIM processes to ensure that the maximum benefits are realized by the entire project team throughout the entire project lifecycle. Benefits are realized through the proper implementation of many of the following processes. Gamma’s use of 4-D Scheduling provides better project visualization and project delivery.  Gamma streamlines the coordination and construction of complex systems through Clash Detection processes throughout the entire project cycle, limiting project delays and costly change orders. Properly managing the process of linking parametric data to 3-D model objects as part of the project closeout deliverables leaves facility management with grater flexibility in the use of as built documentation. Gamma’s implementation of BIM processes facilitates a project environment where  the primary objectives of accommodating our customers' needs and efficiently delivering a high-quality product are better realized.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Process:

BIM processes are tools that Gamma is implementing to ensure that projects are completed at the highest standards. Building Information Modeling or BIM is much more than a 3-D model and software. BIM is a process. BIM processes facilitate better planning, visualization, and coordination. Gamma seeks to create a collaborative team environment that allows the entire project team to benefit from the BIM process.

BIM Processes:

  • 4-D Scheduling and Site Planning
  • MEP, Architectural, and Structural Clash Detection
  • Parametric Closeout Modeling

Gamma is able to customize the BIM Process frame work to allow interoperability among the many leading software applications.